What is the Labor Market Like for Businesses in Denver, Colorado?

Professionals from all over the country are drawn to Denver, Colorado in search of career opportunities, while businesses come to the city to find talented workers. The local economy has been thriving, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, and is considered the crown jewel of Colorado's recent economic success. Companies in Denver are actively recruiting workers from other tech hubs, such as Silicon Valley, and many energy companies hire graduates from prestigious nearby schools like the Colorado School of Mines. The rate of working-age adults participating in the labor force has been decreasing since August 2020.

Before delving into the dominant industries in Denver's business landscape, it's useful to take a look at the city's work environment more generally. Networking with friends and family, as well as other university alumni who are currently employed in Denver, can be beneficial. Local training centers support the aviation industry's presence in and around Denver, including the esteemed Department of Aerospace and Aviation Sciences at Metropolitan State University of Denver. At the state level, Colorado residents are a particularly qualified workforce, ranking second in the nation in terms of education. Recently, some of the biggest increases in demand for flexible working have been seen in light industry positions.

However, the forecast of a weak Christmas season could add slack to that part of the labor market. Across the state, the legal marijuana trade now generates more than a billion dollars a year and its presence is most evident in Denver, where cannabis companies occupy more than 14 million square feet of commercial real estate. This population surge has attracted more businesses to the Denver area.

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