Veteran-Owned Businesses in Denver, Colorado: Resources and Support

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is devoted to providing assistance to veterans who are interested in launching their own business. The SBA offers a variety of resources and services to help veterans get their venture off the ground. The Denver Public Library is an excellent resource for veteran-owned businesses in Denver, Colorado. It provides access to comprehensive market and business research, including detailed demographic data for market research, top-tier industrial research, competitive analysis, and a wide range of business plan examples.

A Denver Public Library card is required for some of these resources, but it is available to any Colorado resident. The Colorado Small Business Development Center Network (CSBDC) is another great resource for veteran-owned businesses in Denver. The CSBDC provides free, confidential consulting and free or low-cost training programs to help existing and new businesses grow and thrive in Colorado. The Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute (RMMFI) is an organization that invests in the personal and business development of entrepreneurs.

It offers a variety of programs, such as the Business Idea Lab, Business Launch Boot Camp, and Thrive Business Accelerator. The Sistahbiz Global Network is a business accelerator that helps black women create scalable and salable models and access the administrative support and financial and social capital they need to succeed in business. Denver Economic Development & Opportunity works to ensure an inclusive and innovative economy for all Denver residents, businesses, and neighborhoods. It helps companies navigate Denver's regulatory environment and provides financial support to small businesses and entrepreneurs, including funding, co-working space, advice, and connections with partners. The Mi Casa Business Pathways team helps participants explore, plan, launch, manage, and grow their business through bilingual consulting, in-depth training, and a variety of business-related workshops and resources.

This program is available to veteran-owned businesses from Denver County, Colorado; active duty military personnel; reservists; small businesses owned by veterans with service disabilities (SDVOSB); and businesses owned by military spouses from the United States Army (USARMY), the Air Force (USAF), the Marine Corps (USMC), the Navy (USN), the Coast Guard (USCG), and the National Guard located in Denver County. SCORE is a national organization that provides mentoring and shares ethically sound business practices with entrepreneurs and small business owners at various stages of their professional lives. The Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade (OEDIT) creates a positive business climate that encourages dynamic economic development and sustainable employment growth. It helps companies navigate Denver's regulatory environment and provides financial support to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Veteran-owned businesses in Denver have access to a wealth of resources that can help them get started or grow their existing business. From market research at the Denver Public Library to mentoring from SCORE to financial support from OEDIT, there are plenty of options available for veterans looking to start or expand their business in Denver.

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