Unlocking Resources for Minority-Owned Businesses in Denver, Colorado

The Office of Minority Businesses has a comprehensive network of public, private, and government resources that businesses of all sizes can access to help them connect with the right people and expand their reach locally, nationally, or internationally. Sol Richardson is the only African American owner of a distillery in Denver, and his grandfather was a well-known businessman in the city who owned a bar in Five Points that now houses Rosenberg Bagels. The Department of Transportation provides financial assistance to minority-owned businesses, excluding the capital of the applicant's primary residence and participation in the commercial enterprise. Creating a resource of this magnitude to support not only the black community as a whole but also the current movement is commendable and should be rewarded.

Although some may think that black-owned businesses and white-owned businesses are the same and should be treated as such, there are many who think differently and react differently when they discover that a company is owned by African Americans. It would have been beneficial for these companies if I had included their address or at least the part of the metropolitan area where they are located. Many readers want to use their money to support Denver's black community by supporting their small businesses. Imagine if it were titled “Over 100 White-Owned Businesses to Support in Denver Supporting a Business Because of the Owner's Race Is Racist.” The Denver Black Pages annual resource and entertainment guide contains a list of select businesses, things to do, places to go, and resources in the Denver metropolitan area that are essential for newcomers or long-time residents to have handy in print and on their mobile phone.

The Business Company Disadvantaged by Airport Concessions (ACDBE) certification provides small businesses with the opportunity to compete for concession contracts, either as an operator or supplier, at Denver International Airport, as well as at other airports that receive federal funding throughout Colorado. MyEgo lash Beauty Boutique & Not only does she own a black business, but she also owns a 19-year-old business located in the Five Points area. The Small Business Enterprise Concessionaire (SBEC) certification gives qualified small businesses in the Denver area a better chance of competing as dealers. Small Business Certification (SBE) allows small businesses in the Denver area to compete for the purchase of goods and services related to construction and for a wide range of goods and services that the City and County of Denver purchase.

The resources available for minority-owned businesses in Denver are vast and varied. From financial assistance from the Department of Transportation to certification programs like ACDBE, SBEC, and SBE, there are plenty of opportunities for minority-owned businesses to get ahead. Additionally, there are many resources available through organizations like The Denver Black Pages that can help minority-owned businesses connect with customers and expand their reach. With these resources available, minority-owned businesses can take advantage of all that Denver has to offer.

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