Resources for Small Businesses in Denver, Colorado: A Comprehensive Guide

The Colorado SBDC Network is devoted to helping existing and new businesses flourish and succeed in the state. They offer free, confidential consulting and free or low-cost training programs. The Denver Economic Development & Opportunity (DEDO) works to guarantee an inclusive and innovative economy for all Denver residents, businesses and neighborhoods. If you're a small business owner or work in the creative, tourism, or hospitality industries, there are many resources available to help you during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The Supporting Denver's Small Businesses through Stabilization Grants program provides grants to small businesses located in 10 particular Denver neighborhoods.

The Denver Nonprofit Assistance Grant provides grants to Denver residents who currently or formerly worked at a Colorado hotel or restaurant. The Free PPE kits for Denver small businesses and nonprofits are available for employees who interact with the public, including retail workers, employees in hotels and other hospitality sectors, employees in the event industry, and more. The USBG National Charitable Foundation provides grants to waiters who have experienced a catastrophic event or emergency. The GoFundMe campaign was created to help local artists. The Colorado Theater Community Medical Assistance helps members of the Colorado theater community who need medical assistance.

The Colorado Business Committee for the Arts (CBCA) has a long list of resources for artists, creative professionals, and cultural organizations. The Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) also has an excellent resource page for members of the arts community. The MyColorado mobile app helps Coloradans stay up to date with information about COVID-19, access food, cash, medical and early childhood care, register vehicles, and chat with support staff. There are also local Denver resources for donations, assistance and volunteer opportunities. The Polis program raises funds, distributes aid and connects volunteers across the state to aid relief efforts.

The Mobilizing Coloradans program supports small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals. The A Comprehensive Resource Guide for Colorado Businesses provides information on various assistance programs. Denver residents facing a housing crisis or difficulty helping to prevent eviction or displacement can find information on school meals, food pantries and more. The League of Dumb Friends has released a list of resources for subsidized pet food. The Colorado Department of Labor provides comprehensive information on its site. Energize Colorado and Mastercard partner to provide small businesses with resources and education to help them digitally transform and open their digital doors.

Start to better understand digital marketing with Energize Colorado and Mastercard. Finding the right small business grant in Colorado for your business is a matter of finding the right opportunity and having a committee like the one that submitted your application. This link is for the local Early Childhood Council, a person in your county who can connect you with your local licensing specialist or share information about support and resources for Colorado Shines, the Colorado Quality Rating and Improvement System. There are other programs such as federal loans and tax credits but there you can find some grant opportunities that might also be right for your business. BIPOC entrepreneurs can find funding through the state of Colorado to help them during COVID-19. Minority businesses are some of the fastest-growing businesses in Colorado but BIPOC companies were the most affected by COVID-19 business closures. Especially in the case of hyperspecific scholarships (for example grants for a rural community or one in the educational field), the more relevant a grant is to what your company does, the more likely you are to have a serious fight to win. The southwestern region of Colorado has specific grants available in La Plata, Dolores, Montezuma, Archuleta and San Juan counties.

For nonprofit businesses that do good in their community, the Denver Foundation (TDF), which focuses on the seven-county Denver metropolitan region offers several different grants generally focusing on basic human needs, economic opportunity, education and leadership, and equality.

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